Claire Merchlinsky is an illustrator + art director in Brooklyn, NY
Currently, she is working for Square - Cash App
You can contact her at

I Spy series

Cash App

Illustrated I Spy series for Cash App social channels. 

$IDENT Series 

Cash App

Cash App $IDENTs are a series of branded illustrations for sharing on Cash App’s social channels.

Op Art - The Choices My Mother Could, and Couldn’t, Make

The New York Times

Op Arts are longer-form, art forward pieces that are given a custom layout in the NYT daily paper, as well as online.

Illustrated by Sophia Deng

Cash App In Wild

Cash App

Cash App In Wild is a photo-based, interactive contest that takes place on Cash App’s social channels. 

Prop styling by Maren Jevremov, photography by Daniel Cochra

Opinion Newsletters

The New York Times

Illustration direction for the NYT Opinion newsletter series. 

Cash App Twitch Franchises

Cash App

Cash App launched 3 streaming franchises for the debut of their presence on Twitch: Cash App Plays, Study Nights and Cash App Trivia. Stream wraps were commissioned to help brand the series and add visual interest.

How To Destroy Surveillance Capitalism

Medium, OneZero

Novel-length feature piece published on Medium, OneZero. 

Illustrations by Shira Inbar

Opinion Commissions

The New York Times

Various lede illustration commissions for the NYT Opinion section. 

VRChat Slime World

Cash App

Custom VRChat world for Cash App social use.

Design by Jon Han

Illustration commissions

Medium, OneZero, Level + Gen

Various illustration commissions for Medium online articles + feature stories.